Yar Tor Down

Yar Tor Down

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Yar Tor Down

Dart Valley Dartmoor

673 x 738mm

Oil on Board


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Simon Fowler

I grew up in Knowle to parents from Ashton and Brislington, attended Cotham Grammar and left as fast as humanly possible. Art at school was woeful and so was happily taught how to use oils by my Grandfather in my early teens, following a love of drawing and creating.

I have also been guided and helped by other members of my family, also life long artists.

My grandfather was continuously painting and that desire to paint has stuck with me for the past 45 years.

I work only in oils and only produce originals, no prints or copies and rarely do commissions.

My latest development in painting is my discovery of some Italian pigments which I use with my Winsor Newton range of paints.

This has brought a new vibrancy to my work, particularly when used on board.

I paint on canvas, boards and ceramic tiles and have just completed several large landscapes on 4′ x 3’3” canvas which allow for greater depth and drama in the finished article. My largest is 5′ x 3’3 that's 1520mm x 840mm down to small eight inch tiles.

Living in Devon has opened a new world of discovery and Dartmoor features highly in my work as does the dramatic coastline.