Unisex -Solar Plexus Healing -  Hoody

Unisex -Solar Plexus Healing - Hoody

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Unisex -Solar Plexus Healing - Hoodie

Sizes: S,M,L,XL & XXL

Colours: Yellow

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We Give 5% Of All Proceeds To A Mental Health Charity.


Elena Carter

Elena is fully certified Reiki Master and Shamanic Life Coach Using Shamanic Wisdom, Tools, Rituals and Art Therapy for Harmony & Alignment. She learnt a mixture of Dr. Usui and Mrs Hawayo Takata’s natural self-healing systems and how to give/receive Reiki energy. Each of her beautiful, hand crafted jewellery creations is cleansed and charged with Reiki energy and moonlight to ensure it holds only the highest vibration.

Elena, very spiritual by nature, is also hugely involved within the creative arts. She is a professional aerial dancer – performing internationally at high end events and weddings from a young age. Her artistic flair and passion for life have given her many opportunities to travel and experience the many natural wonders the world has to offer and it was these experiences that have helped shape her into the person she is today.