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Locked Down.

Acrylic on canvas

This piece if eligible for our 4 easy installment payment plan. Contact us to arrange.

60 x 80 cm.


Free UK Delivery

Original piece of art from a local artist, buy a gift for him, maybe a gift for her or something for the whole family to enjoy!

We Give 5% Of All Proceeds To A Mental Health Charity.

As Mentioned above you can pay in 4 easy instalments! Contact us to arrange.


Merle Sild

I consider my art to be a tell-tale, looking for emotional content even if it reflects ugly problems. Inspire by pure, clear landscapes, I often paint stories of rebirth and new life beginning in locations of disaster and destruction. At times of political conflicts and environmental disruption, I like to use landscapes and scenes of nature as a way to illustrate an idea, tell a story or conceptualise a metaphor. Paintings are mostly based on my experiences through different places and countries, where I lived and worked  before I decided to get a Masters degree in Painting from Plymouth College of Art. Painting for me is a tool to explore places that no longer exist or have not yet been created. Very often it involves my imagination based on my long-term memories. I am attracted to present emotion and harmony of object through the construction of layers, painting in abstract or semi-abstract ways gives me more freedom, though I am extensively influenced by the old masters and the creation of impressionist images. My main aim of creating is to tell the viewer still and on about the responsibility which needs to be taken knowing that together with time, humans are the most powerful creators and destroyers. In 2019, I was awarded by the Devon Artist Network for excellence in Painting, Drawing and Printmaking.