Bristol Scenes

Bristol Scenes

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Bristol Scenes Giclee Print

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Limited edition prints from a hand cut collage of vibrant colours and textures
Features Ursula the Bear, which has since been taken down from St James Barton, against a backdrop of the Clifton suspension bridge and above balloons if Donald Trump and Jimmy Hendrixs.
In the foreground waterscape, graffiti from the Stokes Croft area of Bristol, including the Blue Mountain Club, soon to be demolished. The medium of collage allows me to be random i my compositions and so the tobacco factory and the @bristol silver sphere included



Yolande Henebery

I create images painting with collage, building layers of texture, incorporating memorabilia, to enable me to capture memories. I embellish loved items, using still life compositions to celebrate my passion for colour, pattern and things retro. I utilise inks and pen detail enhanced with pencil, glitters and fabric to sculpt my objects that I love and collect.

My work is an abstract vision of my travels and favourite places, initially inspired by my stay in East Prawle, South Hams; and brings together the recycling of my memories and materials collected along the way. My art pieces are then a memory tree of past and present whilst acting as my vehicle for self-reflection and mental health well-being

I studied textiles at Bretton Hall Sculpture Park in the 80s, completing my art studies at Goldsmiths University in 1989.

I choose the medium of collage because I enjoy the randomness of how you can create a composition feeling more able to take a risk at experimenting with perspective and fantasy.  I create rich tapestries of colour and texture and recently in, depicting iconic scenes of Bristol, the city I live and love.