Our Artists & Fashion Designers

Dona Bradley

‘Dona B drawings’ is the Bristol-based brand created by illustrator Dona Bradley. Originally trained as a Spatial Designer Dona is crazy about drawing buildings & big, engineered landmarks. That’s perfect for Bristol with its wide-ranging architecture and Brunel heritage.

Her work was selected for one of the art banners along Gloucester Road and she is one of the artists who's work has been selected for the upcoming Bristol & Bath Art Book. Working with a combination of hand-drawing and computer graphics Dona has created illustrations of iconic Bristol landmarks including the Suspension Bridge, SS Great Britain, Concorde, The Matthew & Cabot Tower which are available as prints. Her illustrations are also printed onto a range of gifts & homewares from mugs to magnets, tote bags to table mats & more celebrating the beauty, culture & heritage of Bristol.

Dona is available for house portrait or wedding venue commissions or maybe you have a range of products you would like her to develop. Please do get in touch at artist@dona-b-drawings.co.uk

Alice Rolfe


Alice Rolfe spent 10 years studying Fine Art, Sculpture and Print in London gaining a First classdegree and MA in Fine Art. During this time she was teaching and exhibiting in and around Londonand Europe.

Does all her work in Bristol, Easton

Alice also runs here own Upholstery Business

Robin and Emma Richards!

Glorious day dreams and quiet obsessions.

Robin and Emma-Jane Richards. He loves ice cream, Batman, maps and walks in the rain. She loves The Muppets, brass bands and beach combing. Together they inhabit a little old Victorian house on a long long long street just off a beautiful park in Bedminster, South Bristol, UK, where they love living.

We both have had a passion to be creative since we were painting by numbers. Who knows where ideas start, but when inspiration strikes we try our hardest to bring those glorious day dreams and quiet obsessions to life. All our illustrations are original artwork. Our thinking and approach is to create work that we would love in our own home. Work which is bright, colourful and energetic. Can never have to much colour in your life 🙂

Rosie Webb

Artist and Upholsterer

I’m Rosie Webb, formerly known as Rosalie Pryor, an artist based in Bristol, UK.  I like to create art in a loose and expressive way. My watercolour paintings have a slightly cheeky sense of humour that’s bound to make you smile! I have been featured in an array of publications from the Sunday Times to Esquire. 

Carene Leslie

Fashion Designer

It all started about 6 years ago when I brought a sewing machine for what I thought would be a hobby. I quickly started to realise that I was actually quite good and people started to ask me if I could make them things too. I never really thought I could run my own business or even maintain a business but here I am 3 years down the line running my own business. I would say that my passion is the creative side I love to create things. My brand is mainly based around street wear/urban wear. Since having my own business I have won two awards one for best fashion brand and one for best fashion designer. I have also had interview with the bbc and have been a part of the Bristol fashion show for the past 2 years. With my clothes I like to make them to help people feel good and be confident in what they wear as clothes are our way of expressing ones self. 

Fiona Hamilton-Walker


Studied jewellery making at Queens Road School of Art in Bristol and creates sterling silver jewellery that is handmade. No two pieces are exactly the same. Items are embellished with semi precious stones, copper and occasionally bronze or gold. Fiona learnt several different jewellery making techniques but was drawn to texture and shape and uses hammers, drill bits, doming tools, a rolling mill and different types of fabric to achieve these effects.

Hal Camblin


After brain surgery on a spinal condition as a young adult I started making figurative pictures. They were slightly tortured figures using a combination of the imagery I saw in my MRI scans and just expressing how I felt. I had a long time of struggle. The pain in my arm stopped me painting so I made some work with my cat Larry instead. It taught me that there was more to life then putting myself in a mental and physical prison. I went further with my need to explore media with performance in a giant badger outfit. Starring in upstaged talent show on BBC3 and touring throughout England, Edinburgh and Berlin. The badger symbolises for me survival and my grandfather gave me a taxidermy badger as a child- I still have it now. I have photographs of these adventures.Some prints available of figurative paintings. And some original work from Larry the cat artist.

Sandra Cocks


Trained as an art teacher in 1970’s and has been printmaking for 10 years.

She produces small Lino prints and large woodcuts .

She has exhibited in London, Ireland and regularly at the RWA in Bristol.

Sandra is a member of North Bristol Artists and Spike Print Studio. 

Caitlin Hoole

Collage Artist

I was born in Blackburn, North West and moved down south in 2013 for university. After graduating Bath Spa in 2016, with a First Class honours degree in Contemporary Art, I moved to Bristol, where I have been producing my collages ever since! The vast majority of my images are sourced from my vintage magazines collection. I’m always on the look out for new material whether it be vintage shops or left outside someone’s house, free for the taking! I love the process of spending hours looking though the magazines and splicing out images that jump out at me. Sometimes I see an image and know exactly what I want to pair with it… finding the other image can be a whole challenge in itself, but that’s what I find most enjoyable. I never really know how the finished collage will turn out. All collages are hand-cut using a craft knife and assembled with glue and precision.   

Chris Gaymer


I came back to painting after retirement. I admire the work of Edward Wesson, James Fletcher Watson and Jack Merritt amongst others, and aim to imitate their loose, clear style, with clear washes in watercolour and a limited palate. I love the countryside, and when out take photographs to work from when I get home. I have recently started to explore acrylics, and have tried experimenting with using tools other than brushes, using almost anything I can find lying around, including raiding builders’ skips! 

Yolande Henebery


I create images painting with collage, building layers of texture, incorporating memorabilia, to enable me to capture memories. I embellish loved items, using still life compositions to celebrate my passion for colour, pattern and things retro. I utilise inks and pen detail enhanced with pencil, glitters and fabric to sculpt my objects that I love and collect. My work is an abstract vision of my travels and favourite places, initially inspired by my stay in East Prawle, South Hams; and brings together the recycling of my memories and materials collected along the way. My art pieces are then a memory tree of past and present whilst acting as my vehicle for self-reflection and mental health well-being. I studied textiles at Bretton Hall Sculpture Park in the 80s, completing my art studies at Goldsmiths University in 1989. I choose the medium of collage because I enjoy the randomness of how you can create a composition feeling more able to take a risk at experimenting with perspective and fantasy. I create rich tapestries of colour and texture and recently in, depicting iconic scenes of Bristol, the city I live and love.  

Jasmine Tattsbridge


I grew up painting/drawing/sculpting in Bristol and I now juggle painting with life as a medical student in Birmingham.

I take inspiration from travel photos that I have taken, picking the most vibrant characterful portraits from countries including India, Mexico and Indonesia. I enjoy the detailed breakdown of human form into colour, taking inspiration from contemporary artists J Louis, Agnes Grochulska and Kudzanai-Violet Hwami. It is important that my paintings have some sort of narrative and communicate with the viewer, using multiple subjects and dramatic backgrounds to do this.

Acrylics are my preferred medium because of their versatility, allowing creation of texture and layers. I use a gloss finish to enrich colours

Emma Burleigh


Emma is a Bristol based artist and art teacher who is passionate about the vibrant, numinous and mercurial qualities of watercolour. She’s currently working on a book about Mindfulness and Watercolour which will be published in 2021 with Liminal 11.She teaches workshops in mindful and intuitive art-making and is also a tutor at The Royal West Academy in Bristol.

Amber Rose


“I’m an artist and designer from Bristol, painting bright, multicoloured paintings using as many colours as possible! All of my paintings are mixed media and full of texture and details.

My style has developed over the years where I’ve been having loads of fun experimenting with new materials and subjects to paint. My first collection, Rainbow Safari, is full of lots of animals including a zebra, giraffe, rhino and lion all in my bright multicoloured style. Since then I’ve done another collection, and painted pieces for several charities including CoppaFeel and raising awareness of mental health.

Fleur Barnfather


As Fleur paints, another dimension of life leaps onto the canvas eager to Shimmer, Pulsate, and reveal its Unique nature.

Truly, some people on experiencing her pictures have been moved to tears or felt thrilling goose bumps. Emotions are stirred in a similar way to when one sometimes hears a piece of music that just seems to command time to stand still, touching something deep inside us. A wonderful lady – Molly Harvey – said Fleur’s paintings are “much needed in the world”. Why? Because they energise all that is great, beautiful and magnificent about this life on planet earth. Fleur see us all celebrating this and living in an inspiring, fun, sustainable and interdependent way

Danny Webster & Hannah Frampton

Fashion Designers

Urban Peacock is a sustainable street wear brand from Bristol, passionate about encouraging self expression and looking after the planet. We only use certified eco-friendly clothing, water based printing and 100% biodegradable packaging. We want to inspire confidence and with the energy we put into Urban Peacock clothing, help encourage others to follow their dreams. We needed a powerful logo that represented our mission and our brand ethos. Our logo “UP” signifies new beginnings, strength, confidence and spells the direction in which we want to take the Urban Peacock community.

Sandy Creighton


I work across a range of media, focusing principally on digital imagery, video and sound. I seek to investigate the everyday to uncover the hidden strangeness, beauty and significance in overlooked materials and events. My subject matter is often drawn from the ordinary Bristol street where I live.

The challenge is to develop strategies that sidestep intention and deliver the unexpected. I feel a powerful impulse to construct patterns and narratives in the face of the chaotic nature of existence, this tendency provides the tension in the way I work with the material I collect.

I am interested in two kinds of relationship in my work. One is in the notion that a small part can be seen to represent the whole and the other is in the tracing of networks of connections that link everything together. Although I originally studied English Literature, I have been making art for many years and completed my Masters in Fine Art at Bath Spa University in 2016. My current body of work, “Let Me Sleep”, consists of digital drawings assembled from unconscious promptings and dreams. A video version can be seen here: https://youtu.be/5gAvIO_xMsc

Kari Grundy

Clothing Designer/ Dress Maker

The Designer was born in London to Polish parents and moved to Bristol over ten years ago. She was brought up to the steady refrain of her mother’s machines purring through custom high fashion ladies wear. She was introduced to sewing at a very early age.

She started sewing very early, initially making outfits for her beloved stuffed toy rabbit named ‘Kowik’, or ‘Wabbit’ in English. Later, having developed a keen interest in fashion, she started drawing upon this skill to upcycle and make original items for herself; using it as both a creative outlet and means of self-expression. Sewing has always been a skill that she has always drawn up throughout life.

Charlotte Burn

Fashion Designer

Kushty locks is a small fair trade and ethical company, selling clothing and accessories made from personally sourced Guatemalan material. All of the Kushty locks items are made from recycled materials, hand crafted and embroidered by local families in Guatemala. All the fabric is unique, ethically sourced and were usually used as wall hangings or traditional Mayan clothing. Each year i travel to Guatemala and looks out for unique fabrics from a second hand market. I then work very closely with three different families of tailors to create my ‘kushty’ designs. The tradition of fabric is deeply rooted in Guatemalan history. Each town in Guatemala has a completely different style of fabric which represents their people, and all of the fabric is either woven on a loom or hand embroidered. The Mayan artisans are inspired by nature and spirituality, which makes every piece of clothing have its own story. By working with these incredible artisans i have not only been able to financially support them but i have built strong relationships and exchanged many skills. I take great pride in producing high quality unique clothing and accessories which will last you a life time.

Ryoko Minami


Ryoko is Japanese artist who lives and works in Wales. She explores the relationship between spirituality and artistic expression. During meditative states, she transfers the true nature of the inner unconscious behind the mental and emotional phenomena on the art works. In particular, she focuses in capturing the expressions of the essential soul.

Her art works have been shown in numerous exhibitions and galleries, and some were chosen for selected shows and private collections. Studied art in various courses included MA Art & Design in Leeds Beckett University.

Lizbeth Spurgeon


I have lived in Somerset for the last 40 years and have been painting for 10 of those years.My work is inspired by the natural world, the colours, lines, shapes and movement. The ever changing skies often figure largely in the final works.The paintings do not replicate a landscape exactly but come from imagination and stored images, taken from memory of places visited. This way of working encompasses my mind’s eye to create a more abstract representation of all the wonders around us.My preferred medium is oil paint, I delight in the experience of having a new canvas to work or reworking old paintings, holding images of previous paintings and inspiring the new.

Jean Mintoft


I was brought up in Hull, East Yorkshire and have always loved drawing, painting and crafts, even though no-one else in the family was the least bit artistic.

Throughout my school years art and craft continued to be my main hobby. One notable thing happened when I was 10 or 11 years old. A friend of my adoptive mother, who lived next-door-but-one to us, bought me a set of oil paints for my birthday, and taught me how to use them. I was delighted! Only in the last year have I discovered that this lady was my birth mother, which makes sense of my life-long desire to draw, paint and make things!

I never painted as a career, but in 1999 my husband and I moved to the west coast of Wales. There, inspired by the beautiful scenery, I started to paint landscapes and was often asked to paint commissions for holidaymakers.

In 2014 I moved to Plymouth. At that time, I mainly painted in pastel, but since then have experimented with various media and my current favourite is acrylics, with oils a close second. Most of my paintings are representational.

Simon Fowler


I grew up in Knowle to parents from Ashton and Brislington, attended Cotham Grammar and left as fast as humanly possible. Art at school was woeful and so was happily taught how to use oils by my Grandfather in my early teens, following a love of drawing and creating.

I have also been guided and helped by other members of my family, also life long artists. My grandfather was continuously painting and that desire to paint has stuck with me for the past 45 years. I work only in oils and only produce originals, no prints or copies and rarely do commissions.  My latest development in painting is my discovery of some Italian pigments which I use with my Winsor Newton range of paints. This has brought a new vibrancy to my work, particularly when used on board.

I paint on canvas, boards and ceramic tiles and have just completed several large landscapes on 4′ x 3’3” canvas which allow for greater depth and drama in the finished article. My largest is 5′ x 3’3 thats 1520mm x840mm down to small eight inch tiles. Living in Devon has opened a new world of discovery and Dartmoor features highly in my work as does the dramatic coastline.

Merle Sild


I consider my art to be a tell-tale, looking for emotional content even if it reflects ugly problems. Inspire by pure, clear landscapes, I often paint stories of rebirth and new life beginning in locations of disaster and destruction. At times of political conflicts and environmental disruption, I like to use landscapes and scenes of nature as a way to illustrate an idea, tell a story or conceptualise a metaphor. Paintings are mostly based on my experiences through different places and countries, where I lived and worked before I decided to get a Masters degree in Painting from Plymouth College of Art. Painting for me is a tool to explore places that no longer exist or have not yet been created. Very often it involves my imagination based on my long-term memories. I am attracted to present emotion and harmony of object through the construction of layers, painting in abstract or semi-abstract ways gives me more freedom, though I am extensively influenced by the old masters and the creation of impressionist images. My main aim of creating is to tell the viewer still and on about the responsibility which needs to be taken knowing that together with time, humans are the most powerful creators and destroyers. In 2019, I was awarded by the Devon Artist Network for excellence in Painting, Drawing and Printmaking.

Michael Brobson


When I left school my Farther considers that I should have a proper job and I ended up in the food industry. That’s not to say I did not use any creative ability I may have, I have worked on many displays, produce items for the film industry and produce booklets for the food industry Now retired form Industry much of my art work is related to Somerset were I live and the sea. Having sailed and taught navigation to small boat users, I paint and draw a mixture of subjects

I like to paint a picture that has atmosphere and a story

I work in many mediums, acrylic, water colour, oil pastel, pen and wash and I do love to use a pencil

I still carry out commissions and illustrating.

Tim Wetherell

I’ve had a diverse artistic practice over the years beginning with photography in the 80’s and 90’s then sculpture in the 2000’s. I’ve exhibited quite widely in shows like Sculpture by the Sea and the McClelland Survey. I’ve even had a piece exhibited in the National Gallery of Australia. However in more recent years my primary artistic focus has been on painting.

I like to create each painting in a style that I feel lends itself to the subject matter, rather than imposing a single signature style on every one of my works. As an exercise, I sometimes enjoy emulating the style of famous artists of the past. I find this helps broaden my own artistic vocabulary and better enables me to impart whatever flavour I feel best suits a particular subject. Sometimes this results in my works having a historical feel to them and I often like to counterpoint this by including modern elements such as piercings or electrical outlets.

There’s no overarching theme to the subject matter I choose other than the pursuit of what I find intriguing and aesthetically pleasing. I like paintings to have an element of romance and beauty to them and aim to create works that are evocative of other times and places.

Cara Roxanne


Cara‘s paintings are inspired by the mythic imagination, folk stories, dream symbolism and the enchantment of nature. She has been exploring and decoding her dreams for over 20 years and uses this practice regularly to inspire her paintings. Using the power of images has helped her heal from some pretty challenging times and major health conditions.She believes that by exploring the symbols that emerge from our imagination we can create a link between our conscious and unconscious mind gaining greater clarity and guiding us on our own individual paths to wholeness. Her expressive paintings are full of colour, curious creatures, patterns and plants. A celebration of the mystery of life.

Claudia Fürst

Fashion Designer

Born in Vienna, Claudia currently lives in Bristol, UK. With a masters degree in politics from the University of Bristol, Claudia works in cosmetics and beauty, as a freelance model, enjoys photography and designs her own handbag collections. CLAUDIA FÜRST handbags reflect a bohemian look. Stylish and timeless designs that suit many occasions, any time. Supporting local businesses, all collections are handmade in the UK, with selected best quality materials and up-cycled fabrics. In September 2018 Claudia Fürst showed at London Fashion Week.

Miranda Pender


Bright, vibrant, fun – my collage paintings are lively and colourful. Each one is individually created for a different effect. If you are searching for beautiful, original artwork at an affordable price, you’re in the right place! I work in a variety of media to produce paintings and drawings in a wide range of colours and textures. They can be anything: landscapes, still life, abstracts….then I tear them up and reconstruct them into quirky collages.

I moved to Dorset from Essex in 2017, and love living in a region with such stunning scenery, and a quieter pace of life. My favourite subjects are from the natural world – fossils, insects, plants and animals – although if you have an idea for an alternative subject, I’d certainly give it a go. Unlike many collage artists, I don’t generally use printed snippets from newspapers and magazines – the painted fragments are all my own. Once the design is in place, I set to work embellishing it with metallic inks, glitter and gems, and the whole piece is finally sealed with transparent water-based glue.

Julie Lovelock


Julie had a love of art, particularly painting, from a young age and showed promise when at school, but found, mainly due to a lack of confidence, she veered toward a more academic direction. It was in 1993, when a single mum, that Julie discovered an Adult Education watercolour class which reignited her passion. She found watercolours to be a quicker and more practical medium when bringing up children and having little time. She would use nap times to paint, teaching herself by experimentation, and finding tremendous peace in doing so, particularly when she struggled with her mental health.

Daiana Lukacs

Artist/Jewellery Maker

My work is a constant exploration of aesthetic possibilities in a variety of mediums such as painting, drawing, sculpture, installation. I value craft and sustainable culture, as well as reusing found and recycled materials in an aesthetically meaningful way. Art practice allows me to reflect and make sense of my experiences. I am influenced by the places and cultures where I live and which visit (such as Romania, Spain, Tasmania, United Kingdom).

Elena Carter

Fashion Designer

Elena is fully certified Reiki Master and Shamanic Life Coach Using Shamanic Wisdom, Tools, Rituals and Art Therapy for Harmony & Alignment.

She learnt a mixture of Dr. Usui and Mrs Hawayo Takata’s natural self-healing systems and how to give/receive Reiki energy. Each of her beautiful, hand crafted jewellery creations is cleansed and charged with Reiki energy and moonlight to ensure it holds only the highest vibration.

Marisa Jimenez


I am originally from Malaga, Spain. I moved to UK when I finished my degree in Fine Arts, in 2012. At the time I was working in cafes and pubs but spending all of my spare time painting and drawing. In 2014 I designed a deck of Poker cards that was very well acclaimed, each one with a different design, all of them were portraits of tribal women. Since then my work began to be seen around the world thanks to social media. I have worked as illustrator for books and private commissioning.

Mark Noble


I am myself a romanticise painter and some artists have called me Turner of the 21st century I am myself severely dyslexic so I use art of the visual language instead of writing my favourite topics is the sea especially sunrise and sunsets I love the landscape of Somerset the moors the Seas and the general landscape of South West England myself are so important for people’s mental health well-being how many aspects of health as an artist above use watercolour acrylic and occasionally use oil paints I mostly used canvases but sometimes I paint on wood and many other services Mark painter of light

Annika Pixie


Since graduating in 2013 with a BA honours degree in illustration She moved to the city as she developed her passion in street art and has since been part of many festivals including Upfest as well as painting murals from shops and bars to homes.She specialises in portraiture work.I’m passionate about creating art from within, The canvas is like my journal. Expressive and emotional. Fierce but fragile, elusive and dreamlike. I love to create work you want to dive into experimenting with different mediums and unique techniques.